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Crafty Nerdiness

cyrus weatherbee, i presume..
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I papercraft about early american history. I'm cool like that.


I craft. A lot. I wish I could narrow it down to 'I craft ________', but that would be an audacious lie. haha. I sew, reconstruct, embroider, jewelry-make, stencil, collage, ect ect. The only thing I can't really do is knit and crochet, but, you know how it goes. I'm particularly interested in historical costuming, as it combines my undeniable nerdiness for history and sewing. So far I've only done one major project in that vein, but I'm itching to get at it again. I'm especially into the research factor of historical costuming, mainly because my local resources for fabric are lame and have no selection. I already spend ungodly amounts of my wasted time on the internetz and in the library.

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